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01. In the beginning

The first thing that he noticed was that the days were long.

Well, that wasn't even remotely close to being the first thing that he noticed. However, it was the first thing that he noticed and believed. When he, all of a sudden, found himself in the middle of Arabic city, he bluntly refused to believe that he was in a middle of an Arabic city, especially since he’s never been to Arabia. The climate was a bit off. It was warm, but it wasn’t hot; and on the outskirts of the city, he could see a rich forest—where he headed to escape the nightmare.

But the nightmare didn’t end. In fact, after quite a few hours of sunshine, it was still as sunny as it was about ten hours ago. During these ten hours, he tried to understand his situation; however, he could in no way do so. So instead he ate some berries and other fruits.

By the nightfall he decided to walk back into the city. He’s already accepted the fact that he wasn’t in the same city, or even in the same country. He couldn’t conclude much more than that. He figured that he had a higher chance to survive in the city, because even though he had no idea what was going on, the woods, especially the one on the outskirts of this Arabic city, always seemed to be filled with danger.

The city was nearly empty when he came back. The sky was deep blue near the sky and faded red everywhere else. The air was getting cold and moist. All the stores were closed, all the street vendors were long gone. He was stumbling from one sand-coloured house to another, trying to find a place to sleep and hide from the darkness, when he was beckoned by a young lady. She had a black gown wrapped around her body and a plaid turban wrapped around her head. Confused, he stopped and tried to ask her, using gestures, whether she was signalling at him. She nodded, but seeing that he was reluctant to move, she ran up to him, grabbed his hand, and lead him inside the building, slamming the door shut behind him. Within minutes, storm and lighning were ravishing the city. But he was safe from it, sitting on a thick rug in front of an indoor fire. That was where he would spend the night.

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